A Few “Maybe The Founding Fathers Did Get It Right” Limericks and an “Are We On The Brink Of Another American Revolution?” Op/Ed

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Jefferson Wisdom

On the wall of the Jefferson Memorial. Maybe the Founding Fathers were enlightened, open minded and knew that the future would bring great change. This from the Man that wrote the Declaration of Independence and had the foresight to make the Louisiana Purchase and open up America from Sea to Shining Sea.

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Women’s Rights – The Fight For Their Lives Limericks

Poet's Corner

Fight Back

First, these limericks are not jokes with punchlines. I have chosen this form of poetry for its efficiency. It is poetry – it has rhythm and rhyme. The creative effectiveness of the limerick is the setup and the last line. In five lines, it delivers a message and its brevity allows the author to semantically say more with less, which is my purpose here.

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