A Not Singing In The Rain Limerick

Houston still has a problem. The good news is that the heavy overnight rain is receding fast and the flooding is way down. But it is still a mess. A very soggy mess. This was one of Mother Nature’s not so subtle reminders that she can be very nasty. Not a Hollywood set with Gene Kelly splashing around in love, this was people with bad luck and bad judgement having their cars getting washed around and others with just bad luck having their homes flooded. Not really the stuff that jokes are made of, but that didn’t stop me. This popped into my head…

The havoc a hard rain can bring
Is a very depressing thing,
So this must sound insane –
I love singing in the rain……
But when I do, I’m quickly told, “Joel, DON’T SING!”

A Flooded Streets Survival Limerick

Houston Texas is 50 feet above sea level and it doesn’t take too long for steady downpour to turn a lazy creek into a raging river. And the bayou drainage system is a flood waiting to happen. The surface roads here become lakes fast. This morning after the water went down I traveled into town and was amazed at how many cars were strewn in every direction all over the sides of the roads. Could that many people actually believe that their automobiles are amphibious? I’m thinking it has more to do with a combo of wrong place wrong time and just plain stupid. And it led to this.

Rain and flooding can be very scary.
And driving in it is hairy.
Stay home and stay dry
When the water is high
And your best transportation option’s a ferry!

An Utz-ing Limerick

  • Utz – To goad, to needle.

That is what my online Yiddish glossary calls it. We called it ball busting in high school and it is still ball busting to me.

It can be much more than that in the hands of skilled practitioners. It is both an art and a science. As a science, it is necessary to be able to predict and be ready for the increase in heart rate and blood pressure of the target, and also, the decrease in the IQ of the target. You need to be ready for retaliation.

And as an art form, it is the subtle use of language, innuendo, double entendre, and sarcasm to not only be demeaning, but also be funny doing it.

When it comes together just right, oh boy, game on. Now I have been married three times and I have known a lot of women. I think it would be fair for me to say that my utz-ing experience has been much more as the Utz-ee and not the Utz-er.. I’ve never really asked much of a woman – laugh at my dumb jokes, patronize my cooking, and tolerate any and all of my flaws, those clearly apparent now and those yet to be revealed but we all know are coming. You can see how I would fall into the target part of the utz-ing.

So I caught a little good natured utz-ing from someone recently. After I realized that I was getting utz-ed, I was able to laugh at myself which is how it is supposed to work when it is done right…..and it led to this

When engaging in lively repartee
And needing something clever to say
Here’s a good place to start
Be sarcastic and smart…..
A little utz-ing goes a long way!

A Passover Limerick

Happy Holidays.To all my Christian friends – Happy Easter. And to all my Jewish friends – Happy Passover. I went to my synagogue for a family Seder last night and it was very nice. 175 people were there. We have a pretty cool Rabbi who is a rock star wannabe and he puts on a good show with lots of guitar playing and singing. And, of course, it is very children friendly. Members of the congregation do the cooking and they did a wonderful job within the confines of the ingredients they are required to use. This morning while I was confined I squeezed out this little limerick. Let’s just say I was inspired……

Passover’s “Bread of Affliction” week
And despite great cooking technique,
Much to our consternation
The affliction’s constipation –
A bind that ties us Jews, so to speak!

Venus or Mars? You Can’t Tell The Players Without A Program

Life in the 21st century is a whole lot different from back when I went to college in the 70’s. Back then you had to go to the pharmacy counter and ask the pharmacist for condoms (unless you were buying them in gas station bathrooms – not) which could be a little unnerving. Now they are with the candy and magazines at the checkout counter. Who ever thought sex would become an impulse item? That is sex with someone other than yourself. The Great Society of the 60’s has morphed into The Anything Goes Society of the new millennium and that led to this

Venus or Mars

With Apologies to Laura Calder A “Let Me Tell You What I Really Think” limerick

I am a foodie. I follow Laura Calder. Laura is an accomplished chef, author and television personality. And she is absolutely gorgeous. easy to follow. Laura has a blog and in her blog she has revealed yet another talent – doodling. Her doodling in and of itself is worthy of following.

Laura posted a doodle entitled Let Me Tell You What I Really Think


When I saw it, this little limerick popped into my head. I hope Laura likes it.

Dirty dishes piled up in the sink.
Could I get you another drink?!?!
I’ll try to be nice.
Pal, you’re on thin ice

An Answer For Everything – Football Post-Partum Blues???

Ok ladies, you can come clean and admit that watching your man lard ass-ing around camped out on the sofa in front of the television every weekend from the beginning of September until the first week in February is personally offensive to you; as is the beer breath and other breakdowns in personal hygiene that accompany this football related gender specific OCD behavior. Continue reading

A Signs Of Aging Limerick

While dealing with a minor “health” problem that needed some home medical treatment that required my wearing latex gloves, I made the assertion while making the insertion that growing old is not for the faint of heart and it led to this limerick-al observation.

You’re not interested in stock market tips.
Nothing happens when young gals shake their hips
But end of story,
The suppository…..
A sign of an aging apocalypse!

The Things We Do For Love – Senior Edition

I have been contemplating life going forward unmarried. Life is much different with a wife, especially one who pays attention, is detail oriented and holds you accountable.

I was doing some grooming recently and I could clearly “hear” my Arleen “reminding” me to get out the weed wacker and machete and clear a path in my ears and nose. She was fascinated at how hair stopped growing on most of my head yet won’t stop growing out of the cavities in my head. And she was always quick to comment on it.

Of course, I put on my safety glasses, got out the power tools and went to wacking…thinking of her.

And it led to this….

When you find yourself in Love’s throes,
You think that it’s everything goes.
Life is a blur.
Anything for her…
You’ll trim the hair in your ears and your nose!