A Couple of “Toothache” Limericks

One of my high school friends put up a post on Facebook that she is (I hope “was”) suffering from a severe toothache. I hope she has it behind her. She has been a real sweetheart with kind words for me during my ordeal with my mouth. And she has a gorgeous smile.

Toothaches are very painful. I know. My friend has a good attitude about it –  “I hate tooth problems, but I guess it is better to have them then not! I am trying to look at the glass 1/2 full!” – Or in my case, mouth 3/4 full. The mouth and teeth are so sensitive. Temperature change can be excruciating as can be a slight breeze. Toothaches conjure up movie images from The Marathon Man and Little Shop Of Horrors.

I have a few toothache limericks. I wrote them for a lady friend who very much enjoyed using her mouth as a pleasure instrument. That topic has been a favorite among readers of my blog so it seems inappropriately appropriate that I offer them up tongue in cheek, so to speak.

Feel better Debbie – I hope you take these in the spirit of the traditional bawdy limerick written for a friend who liked to be really friendly and not just pay lip service to friendship.

I’m sure the pain in your tooth really killed,
And now if it’s better, you’re thrilled.
But the dentist chair
Is always a bear…
There’s better ways to get drilled and filled!

I don’t want you to think I’m uncouth,
But, Sugar, to tell you the truth…
Do I need to expound
On why I want your mouth sound
And not hampered by a bad tooth!