A “Day After The Election” Limerick

I have been off the limerick trail for a while, even though the campaign trail is a gold mine for material. However, I have not found this to be an election that I wanted to write jokes about. It is, seriously, not a joking matter. I have never seen an election like this and, God willing, I will not see another one like it.

I am not a person that would express a political opinion on social media. It is not my place for that. I read a lot of political opinion on social media and it reinforces my decision to go Abe Lincoln – Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

I will make a prediction about tomorrow, Election Day 2016. I predict there are going to be a lot of people in this country consuming a great deal of booze and weed. America will be doing some drinking and copping a buzz. Tomorrow is going to be a numbing experience for many.

Which means that America is going to wake up on Wednesday with a hangover. I was thinking about this while folding my laundry and when I opened my underwear drawer, this popped into my head.

You can’t say “No” to “Just one more.”
So you wake up aching and sore.
And then your universe
Only gets worse…..
You have an empty underwear drawer.

A Stoner’s Point Of View Limerick

Well, it seems that marijuana is here to stay. It is the D.O.C. of many baby boomers and now their kids, It is legal in two states and California has medical marijuana. The tobacco industry is poised and ready, just waiting for the winds of change to put them in the pot business. It could happen. Democracy is a fickle thing sometimes. And you have to know that pot has a lobby and a PAC.

And stoners vote. If they can remember there is an election. And where they put their car keys so they can drive to the polls if they remember there’s an election……I am pretty sure they have a slogan – Cop That Buzz.

Beyond that, I don’t think stoners are giving it much thought…and that led to this….

Is there an intelligent form of life out there?
I don’t think stoners really care.
As he passed the joint,
He asked, “What’s the point?”
And I thought there must be a point out there somewhere?

For the record, the stoners’ essential question is “Are going to smoke that or pass it?”