An “Appointments Point To An ‘Organized’ Administration” Limerick

I am an optimist by nature. I always try to see the good in things and a way to turn problems into opportunities. One of my catch phrases is “No mess is as bad as it looks.” I’m beginning to wonder.

What I am beginning to sense is that the American people who voted for Donald Trump weren’t looking for the next F.D.R. who would try to advance modern American society and address the need for positive social change in a world where technology is moving at warp speed. No, they don’t want a President with a conscience which is needed to lead our great diverse mass society, they want a Godfather who will protect the old neighborhood. Now they are going to find out what the price is for that “protection” and the character of the thugs entrusted to reel in the “tribute” for a Godfather. These are political creatures anxious to make their bones, if they haven’t already. On the street, they are dangerous people, feared, not respected.

Bannon, Flynn, Pompeo and Sessions fit the description and they have all kissed the ring. Now they are being rewarded for their loyalty to the Trumpfather with old neighborhoods that they will get to “protect” through intimidation. Territories called the Justice Department, the State Department and the CIA. Bannon is consigliere.

While I was thinking about how to put a positive spin on this, and as of this time, I have yet to do so, this popped into my head –

Trump’s appointments have me in a daze
They show he’s set in his “loyalty” ways.
He’s just letting us know
He’ll strive to reach a new low…..
And take us back to the bad old days!