A “Clemson Wins The National Championship” Limerick

I am sure that I have never had more riding on a single game than tomorrow’s National Championship game. I am extremely emotionally invested and I have a little action with a nice pay day if Clemson wins.

If my best friend from college, B Brown were still here with us, I am sure we would be at the game in Tampa with his boys. I have been thinking about him a lot lately and wishing I could be watching this game with him. The Tigers meant everything to B Brown. His Clemson Pride was immeasurable. I am sure I will hear him screaming all through the game. Arleen will be giving up her angelic perch on my shoulder for him. Mimi will be a maniac like B Brown on hers.

I don’t think that I have ever cashed on a proposition bet like this. I’ve made bets on the Cavs to win the NBA championship before and the best I ever did on them was Game 6 Eastern Conference Finals vs MJ. No. I liked this bet when I saw it. Clemson had too much talent coming back. They are +180 to +220 today which is roughly 2 to 1. I have them at 7-1 for $100.00.

The anticipation is beginning to build.
Will Clemson’s championship dream be fulfilled?
To be Champs and win a bet
Would be as good as it can get…..
And this Old Tiger would be doubly thrilled!!!!

A Bringing Home A New Baby Limerick

A young friend of mine from the Houston Clemson Club and her husband just celebrated the birth of their first child. I have known these kids for a couple of years and they have been good Clemson buds, which is something that I cherish since Clemson is so near and dear to me.

Knowing that they were going to be busier than they have ever been before in their young lives and that they were going to have tons of visitors coming over to see their precious bundle of joy, I baked them some cream cheese pastries for their guests. Being the classy Tiger that the new mom is, there was a thank you note waiting for me when I returned from being out of town last week.

I know that this is an all new experience for them and it requires a lot of OJT. With that, I offer this advice –

When you’re changing diapers that stink
It’s pretty easy to think
How long’s this gonna last?
Just know they grow up fast…..
And my advice to you is DON’T BLINK!