An “Idea Guy” Limerick

I consider myself an Idea Guy. The Making Them Happen part of the equation seems to elude me, but it does not discourage me nor deter me from coming up with new ideas. Every once in a while, I do have a great one and make it happen like marrying Arleen. She knows that there is a winner out there somewhere be it stand up comedy, publishing a children’s poetry book or a business idea with enough merit that someone capable of making it happen will do it.

That said, I offer this self deprecating limerick of my reality.

I turn a deaf ear to every doubter,
Thinking the next bang is going to be louder.
But the pop I hear first
Is when my bubbles burst….
I’m a lot more fuse than powder.


A When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going Limerick

Got the “Up to my ass in alligators” blues?
Here’s some unsolicited advice you can use.
This will do the trick –
Beat ‘em with a big stick…
You’ll come away with a belt and new shoes.


An Inspirational Diet and Fitness Program

This has a way of igniting a spark.
You’ve reached the last belt hole mark.
When you can’t disguise
You need a bigger size,
It’s time for a walk in the park.

A couple times a week and avoid drive thru windows.


A Lesson In Lending

Giving credit to a friend is a curse.
Only lending to a relative is worse.
Despite what they say
They never offer to pay
Until you’re being hauled off in a hearse!