A Woman’s Prerogative Limerick

I have a friend who has a very wonderful purse and handbag collection. She has great taste and a great eye for fashion. My friend has been able to have all the great designers in her collection. I have had the fun and pleasure of accompanying her when she has been looking to add to the collection. I can’t see how having a little expertise in handbags can be a bad thing. And I still find it interesting that a wallet can cost more than half of the cars I had in college – a lot more!

We recently did a little purse shopping but not for the collection. We were looking for a nice little functional purse at Macy’s. There was 2000 square feet of store space for this type of merchandise. Perspective – same size as my house. While my friend and her girls were making a selection from the many hundreds of bags they were sifting through, this little thing popped in my head…

Indecision – is there anything worse?
So a woman’s prerogative is really a curse.
With so much doubt,
I’ll never figure out…
How a woman picks out a purse!

A “Magic and Chemistry” Poem and Two Limericks

I was recently reading an article on computer dating and it was about what people are looking for. There are many things – security, friendship, companionship, acceptance, a soul mate and other similar things. But the article said the number one thing that people are looking for in their profiles is CHEMISTRY.

They are looking for something intangible and hard to describe yet unquestionably real. It is powerful stuff and it can easily defeat common sense and good judgment. It can make talking difficult and can make thinking just about impossible. Sometimes they call it Magic.

Many years ago, I wrote a poem about Magic. I wasn’t trying to write an artistic romantic love poem. I was trying to seduce someone. I sat down and got to doing my thing and what I came away with was a real poem. I looked at it and said to myself, “this is pretty good stuff.” Before I sent to anyone, I let it sit for a few hours to see if I still wanted to send something like that out for the intended purpose. This poem had potential emotional fallout attached to it. I put it away.  I would read it to my first late wife at our wedding dinner and I read it at her funeral. There was no denying that we had it.


A little something in which I would like to believe,
Despite being the fine art of how to deceive;
Incantations say that “Love Is Grand,”
But hearts can be broken by slight of hand.
Is Magic nothing more than a contrived illusion?
I’d prefer to embrace the illogical conclusion
That there is Magic in human attraction –
How it ignites such a powerful yet natural reaction
That overwhelms and enslaves the body and mind
To pursue something you thought you may never find.
And, I believe that the moment her eyes met mine,
We found that Magic is something that is Truly Divine.

I found it one more time with my second late wife. And it was much different. My first late wife and I were very much alike and my second late wife and I were opposites. But there was something about how she made me feel that made me want to be the very best me I could be for her – that is Magic and Chemistry at its best. I am sure I will recognize it if it ever comes my way again. (Note – it has, and I did!)

I was thinking about Magic and the subtle difference between Magic and Chemistry when the first limerick popped in my head. I had already written the second limerick. The two came together just like H2 & O – Chemistry!

You settle on things that to you are a must,
And there’s that pesky little matter of trust.
But if you’re looking to see
Magic and Chemistry…..
Could it be as simple as “like” plus “lust”?

Mother Nature will have her say,
And Human Nature will get its way.
Love’s Magic spell
Is truly au naturale…
And Chemistry is Nature at play.

Some Simple Self-Help Biz Advice Limericks

I would like to offer some free unsolicited advice worth every cent you paid for it and less.  It does come from experience, for whatever that’s worth. And for the record, my business record is dismal at best. So now I am calling myself a writer. Ironically, with writing being the only thing that I ever wanted to do, I may have more opportunities to make money doing this than I did when I was involved in small businesses. Never give up on your dreams.

I write limericks and my ideas for them come from everywhere. I have some friends that are especially good at saying things that become the last line of a limerick. One is from Ringgold, GA, a small town in northwest corner of Georgia. He has a lot of “sayings” as in “my mama had a ‘sayin’ for this.” He sent me a text with the last line of this one which offers some good self-help advice for when your business is negotiating rough waters….

You’re bailing your butt off to keep it afloat
And it’s looking like that’s all she wrote.
With desperation growing
When it’s you doing the rowing….
You ain’t got time to be rocking the boat!

He has some street cred, too.  He kills it selling an industrial manufacturing commodity. He does it the “Ch” way, charm and chutzpah. Those are two good things to have in business.

This second piece of simple advice is pretty old. It comes from arguably the most famous speech in the English written by arguably the greatest writer of the English language. I condensed it into a five line limerick and added a little Texas twist to it. Texans have a great attitude toward life.

So you were riding high in the saddle,
Now you’re up a creek with no paddle.
Tis nobler in the mind
To get off your behind
And make that Sea of Troubles skedaddle.

Good luck. Keep the faith.


An Answer For Everything – Take Out The Doggy….Bag

We are back with a new comic strip after a brief hiatus. Jae provided both the inspiration and the artwork for this one which we know that everyone can relate too


An Answer For Everything – Football Post-Partum Blues???

Ok ladies, you can come clean and admit that watching your man lard ass-ing around camped out on the sofa in front of the television every weekend from the beginning of September until the first week in February is personally offensive to you; as is the beer breath and other breakdowns in personal hygiene that accompany this football related gender specific OCD behavior. Continue reading

An Answer For Everything – a cat lovers comic strip

I rescued a cat on October 17th, 2000. He was family to me. I lost him tragically this year and I am still heartbroken. We spent countless hours together watching sports on TV and on the porch watching the world go by with him sitting in my lap. JJ this strip is dedicated to you. Thanks Jae for your great drawing.

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An Answer For Everything

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