A “Clemson Wins The National Championship” Limerick

I am sure that I have never had more riding on a single game than tomorrow’s National Championship game. I am extremely emotionally invested and I have a little action with a nice pay day if Clemson wins.

If my best friend from college, B Brown were still here with us, I am sure we would be at the game in Tampa with his boys. I have been thinking about him a lot lately and wishing I could be watching this game with him. The Tigers meant everything to B Brown. His Clemson Pride was immeasurable. I am sure I will hear him screaming all through the game. Arleen will be giving up her angelic perch on my shoulder for him. Mimi will be a maniac like B Brown on hers.

I don’t think that I have ever cashed on a proposition bet like this. I’ve made bets on the Cavs to win the NBA championship before and the best I ever did on them was Game 6 Eastern Conference Finals vs MJ. No. I liked this bet when I saw it. Clemson had too much talent coming back. They are +180 to +220 today which is roughly 2 to 1. I have them at 7-1 for $100.00.

The anticipation is beginning to build.
Will Clemson’s championship dream be fulfilled?
To be Champs and win a bet
Would be as good as it can get…..
And this Old Tiger would be doubly thrilled!!!!

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