A President Elect Appointment Limerick

I’m no different than everyone else. I have my own personal opinions about what just happened and what is going to happen. I do know this. Someone has to be very intelligent and charismatic to be able to be elected President Of The United States. Despite his hateful rhetoric and playing on fear and anger to build his constituency, which is personally offensive to me in so many ways, he rallied enough people to vote for him. He may have defeated the only person that he could have. I am guessing that a good many of the people who voted for him actually voted against Hillary Clinton.

My grandfather used to have a favorite expression, “dumb like a fox” and I think that is Donald Trump. He is clearly an “ends justify the means” businessman and that carried over to his politics, which is understandable, because he is not a politician. The thing I am predicting is that he is going to back peddle on just about everything, leaving in enough of the conservative Republican agenda to maintain a connection with his constituency. And by back peddling he will get enough of a connection with his opposition to be able to possibly effect positive change. Here’s hoping.

He is going to have a reality television administration with lots of drama. And this is going to make his back peddling effective. Here is my first prediction for Act One.

This guy Bannon is N.F.G.
And it won’t take long for The Donald to see
What a problem he’s hired
And to tell him “YOU’RE FIRED!”
Trump’s catch phrase from reality TV.


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