A “Know Thyself and Thy Reality” Limerick

In keeping with the Know Thyself theme of the last limerick, I came up with this one while thinking about what a most interesting and challenging soon to be sixty four years I have had. Back in the summer of 1967 when I listening to The Sgt. Pepper album over the loud speaker while I was having the time of my life at Camp Conestoga, I could never have imagined what a ride it was going to be from 15 to 64…and I have a pretty vivid imagination.

I am sure that most of my high school graduating class is having many of the same thoughts. One of my friends and classmates wrote a great blog post about it after celebrating his 64th birthday. It is certainly worth a read


One thing that has worked well for me as a survival strategy has been not to over think things, not that I could if I wanted to. I seem to share the same mental disability as Curly in the Three Stooges – “I tried to think. Nothing happened!” It’s somewhat ironic that this limerick was the result of thinking about thinking, and it led to this….

Reality is waiting for the next bad news
And trying to not sing the blues.
I’ve lost my behind
But I haven’t lost my mind…..
Though some say I never had one to lose!


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