A “Know Thyself” Limerick

With computer dating, a person has to write a profile and give a self description. A lot of fiction gets written there. Not me. I am a happy retired goofball who can make people laugh and smile with five lines of doggerel and either you are going to get me and like me or you’re not. The profile also has a “profile name” where you can use a moniker to “advertise” or “brand” yourself.

I have used “Unusually Sweet.” I’m good with Unusual. It is another, softer way of how my beloved daughter describes me, “Dad, you are so weird, but in a good way.” I hope that Sweet is self-explanatory. Know thyself in two words….and, of course, a limerick.

Unusual is Unique on display.
And with Sweet, it’s a winning parlay.
Those things make Life fun
And keep the Blues on the run…..
I could never be any other way!


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