An “Estate Sale and Treasure Hunting” Limerick

I love estate sales. The blood flowing through my veins and my DNA came from secondary markets. I grew up hustling used auto parts and used cars, moved into metals and then did collections. Salvage should be my middle name. So helping out my BFF and one of the loves of my life, Patti English, with her estate sale biz comes more naturally to me than writing a limerick.

I usually give Patti back at least 25% of my wages with purchases that I make. I love cooking and kitchen devices so I am all over that stuff and I collect cookbooks. I also use estate sales to purchase gifts for my dearest friends. This weekend I picked up a new never been used pooper scooper for $2. It will be house warming gift for friends who are moving to a place where they will be using a patio for a puppy potty and they have a standard poodle…..Not only is it thoughtful and useful, but also it enabled me to come in at my budget for their gift.

Estate and garage sales have brought me some very interesting and now beloved things. Mimi got me a bicycle that was just like the one I rode when I was a kid at a garage sale. I rode that bike from Houston to Austin in the 2006 BP MS150 and raised over $6000.00 for MS. When my ass hits that bicycle seat, it’s like two old friends having a joyous reunion. Mimi would have been in a 12 step program for garage sale addiction had she not taken her act to Heaven. Now Arleen had a polar opposite attitude towards bringing home stuff. When I moved in with her before we got married, when she kissed me goodbye in the morning, she would leave me with these marching orders, “Don’t you bring another frigging thing back to this house from your frigging house!” which, of course, was full of Mimi’s stuff. And she didn’t say “frigging.” I always look to Heaven and say “Now don’t be pissed” when I am bringing my estate sale plunder home.

shared photos

But I can’t help myself. There are always things that are just too cool to pass up or things that touch a precious memory and you have to have it. And that is essentially the lure of the estate sale.

There is another aspect to an estate sale that brings something wonderful and intangible to the table. Every item has some attachment to the Life of the person whose estate is being sold. It is part of the job of the people who do estate sales to conduct the business of selling off someone’s lifetime accumulation of possessions in a dignified, respectful manner. Patti English does this as well as it can be done and it is why I love working for her. She gets it. And that led to this….

Putting prices on people’s stuff
Is a task that’s incredibly tough.
To value personal treasures
And the Life that it measures
Couldn’t possibly be enough.

When someone’s estate is sold
The Life it represents is extolled.
It’s Legacy
Undergoes alchemy
When that stuff becomes another person’s gold.

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