A Dancing Could Be A Mortal Sin Limerick

I went to college in the Bible Belt. It was quite a culture shock from the Jewish community I grew up in. Down there, people were worried about going to Hell. Where I came from, people were more concerned about how much they were going to have to pledge to the “building fund” to air condition the place after they got there.

We took dancing lessons when we were thirteen so we could dance at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, which are a big part of our religious culture. There are some fundamental Christian churches that are opposed to dancing as it could lead to the unraveling of their moral fiber. I think they need to eat more fiber as it will cure an internal problem they seem to be having.

I was remembering a joke going around campus back in the day and it led to this…..

It’s a mortal sin that you’re chancing
With trip the light fantastic romancing.
A strict religious education
Forbids copulation…
It just might lead to dancing!


One thought on “A Dancing Could Be A Mortal Sin Limerick

  1. This is great! I was always fascinated by some of the “logic” that goes on at some of those Bible colleges. I dance around my house on a daily basis, so I must be in huge trouble.

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