A Few Las Vegas Limericks – #4

As I said before, I am not a sports bettor except when I am in Las Vegas. This is why. I can’t take it if there is a reversal of fortune on a meaningless play or a bounce of ball. And that stuff happens all the time…AND it always happens to me. This trip was no exception. Except that I made an exception to my personal policy and made a large bet, actually the largest total sports bet I ever made. I bet my Clemson Tigers which is something I never do as there is a risk of a double heartbreaking loss. I had $100 on Clemson, $50 on Temple and a $100 2 team parlay Clemson/Temple. $265 risked with the vig and potential $410 payoff. Both teams I bet on are good teams playing very well and they were playing fair/bad teams playing bad. But the teams I bet on found a way to make negative plays – both C & T had interceptions at the worst possible times – that affected the outcome of the bets. That stuff can send the unstable gambler straight to the roof and only a tout with a sure thing can talk him down.

After licking my wounds and pissing away the push money on the Clemson bet in a slot machine, I thought about the error of my ways and it led to this……

A bad beat gambling can sure kill a buzz.
Then you dwell on “What If’s,” not “What Was.”
Losing scars you for life,
But how you lose twists the knife……
If the losing doesn’t kill you, the “how” does!


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