A Passover Limerick

Happy Holidays.To all my Christian friends – Happy Easter. And to all my Jewish friends – Happy Passover. I went to my synagogue for a family Seder last night and it was very nice. 175 people were there. We have a pretty cool Rabbi who is a rock star wannabe and he puts on a good show with lots of guitar playing and singing. And, of course, it is very children friendly. Members of the congregation do the cooking and they did a wonderful job within the confines of the ingredients they are required to use. This morning while I was confined I squeezed out this little limerick. Let’s just say I was inspired……

Passover’s “Bread of Affliction” week
And despite great cooking technique,
Much to our consternation
The affliction’s constipation –
A bind that ties us Jews, so to speak!


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