The Things We Do For Love – Senior Edition

I have been contemplating life going forward unmarried. Life is much different with a wife, especially one who pays attention, is detail oriented and holds you accountable.

I was doing some grooming recently and I could clearly “hear” my Arleen “reminding” me to get out the weed wacker and machete and clear a path in my ears and nose. She was fascinated at how hair stopped growing on most of my head yet won’t stop growing out of the cavities in my head. And she was always quick to comment on it.

Of course, I put on my safety glasses, got out the power tools and went to wacking…thinking of her.

And it led to this….

When you find yourself in Love’s throes,
You think that it’s everything goes.
Life is a blur.
Anything for her…
You’ll trim the hair in your ears and your nose!


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