An Answer For Everything

Some additional information about new comic strip posts for An Answer For Everything

Life is a Limerick

I will no longer be posting comic strips from An Answer For Everything on my Life is A Limerick blog. We are gaining momentum with the strip and to keep that rolling we are going to be directing people to our Facebook Page

Also, I will be using Twitter to direct people to the new comic strips and the links to them on Facebook will be in the Tweets box on Life Is A Limerick Home Page.

If you have a Facebook page, I encourage you to LIKE the An Answer For Everything page and share the comic strip posts with your friends.

I will still be posting limericks here at the Life Is a Limerick blog. I will still be writing them regularly and not all of them become the dialog for a comic strip.

Thanks for all your support

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3 thoughts on “An Answer For Everything

    • trying to see if it can be commercially viable – it does well with the demographics that still read the newspaper – we have a friend and mentor who has been writing and drawing Tank McNamara for 40 years helping us

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