A “Holistic Healing” Limerick

I have friend who unfortunately has chronic pain, which is no joke. However, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to make light of it, but only because she does. I have a shtick I go into whenever any of my female friends has any type of ailment (nothing serious, of course). I like to tell them that I was reading in The New England Journal of Medicine that sex is good for whatever is ailing them. Then they tell me that I am an idiot. They know I’ve never read the New England Journal of Medicine.

My friend recently started having acupuncture and I am happy to say that she has had very good results. Enough that I could utz her a little bit with my shtick. During our back and forth banter regarding acupuncture vs. sex as a source of pain relief, the last line of this limerick came out…followed by her calling me an idiot.

You be the judge.

When you need to make pain go away,
Holistic healing may make your day.
With acupuncture and sex,
How it works is complex…
But a good poking can go a long way. (pun intended)


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