A Beatles 50th Anniversary in the USA Limerick

Wow, 50 years. I still listen to them frequently – especially Sgt. Peppers which came out when I was at summer camp back in 1967 and hearing it brings back so many wonderful memories of my youth. I am going to buy my sweetheart the 50th Anniversary collection CD set for Valentine’s Day. This past October, we went to see The Fab Four tribute band and they were great. We have a local tribute band in Houston that plays at The Continental Club, a rock n’ roll institution here, every Thursday night and it draws a diverse audience of AARP eligible alte cockers and the curious young that want to hear the music their parents and grandparents (yes, grandparents!) talk about. I go several times a year, not only because I love the music, but also because I want to measure how far my memory loss has progressed by seeing how much of the lyrics I can remember or have forgotten. They also serve Schlitz in cans for $2 for those on a “throwback” social security budget.

I was in the sixth grade in 1964 when the Beatles launched “the British invasion” and conquered America. I was taking dance lessons at the time and though the owner of the studio was not necessarily a fan, he played it as the music was easy to dance to – we were learning jitterbug aka swing dancing now. I still remember the dance steps and I love to go out swing dancing. I have been lucky enough to have several lady friends that have loved going out dancing with me, especially to the Continental Club on a Thursday night. Refer back to my Peter Pan Syndrome limerick http://wp.me/p3qhXb-w

The CBS show last night was wonderful. Paul and Ringo still have it in their 70’s. The music is timeless.

And it led to this –

When the Beatles landed here, I was in the sixth grade.
Who could have predicted the impact they’ve made
With melody and rhyme
That will forever stand the test of time…
They are cultural icons who will never fade.


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