A “New Smile” Limerick

It has almost been a year since I lost half of my lower teeth in a procedure to remove a rare, aggressive, recurring cyst that had eaten away my jawbone. I was not in a life threatening situation so I am grateful for that and to put things in a proper perspective this has been only a minor inconvenience. Well, “minor” may not be an accurate adjective. It has be a real pain both literally and figuratively. But the end is in sight.

I had my first appointment today with the dentist who will do the prosthetic reconstruction and rebuild my smile for me. The work that has already been done – the titanium mandible and bone graft – has been successful and I have a solid foundation for her to build on. It is a slow process, of course, and I won’t have the final product until the fall but it will be there in time for football season and tailgating. Maybe, I’ll be able to eat a hot dog without a knife and fork. Hey, I am just happy that I’m moving forward.

I have been known to wax poetic
How my toothless grin’s pathetic.
Now my wish has been granted.
I’ll soon be implanted
And smiling with a toothy prosthetic!


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