Another “New Year” Limerick

It has been a while since I published a new limerick. It’s not that I have been asleep at the wheel, I simply have been focused on a few other things and limericks seem to pop into my head when I am not focused; with limited and diminishing brain function, it’s pretty understandable. The wife is jammed smack dab in the middle of an environmental consulting job for a merger between two energy producers and it would be an understatement to say that she has lost her sense of humor. As Slim Pickens as Mr. Taggert in Blazing Saddles put it, she thinks she’s “a chicken caught in a tractor’s nuts.” Needless to say, she is not happy about having 65 hr. work weeks while her toothless, unemployed husband hangs out at the golf course or the gym and then fiddle farts around with the dog all day. So I have tried to deflect some of the hate by doing anything and everything that she can give me to do. Right now the major project is getting prepared for doing our taxes which are going to be very interesting because we have entered the world of real estate investment (which is doing fine) and I have been a burden to society who did not have taxes withheld from his government assistance. So she is stressing about us catching a big tax bill. We’ll see.

Today I was wading through shoe boxes of paid bills looking for deductions, when this little ditty popped into my head –

The New Year’s no time to relax.
It’s really a time to face the facts.
There are weighty issues
Like flabby tissues
And dealing with income tax!

I’m back!


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