A “Buying The Wife A Christmas Gift” Limerick

This little ditty popped into my head a 2:45 CT and I thought I needed to share it with those last minute shopping husbands who, simply by waiting to the last minute, are taking their lives into their own hands and are certainly capable of compounding their stupidity. Obviously, those husbands who procrastinate are the ones who take the path of least resistance, think only of themselves and will put a small kitchen appliance, a power tool or fishing equipment under the tree for their wives…or worse. And we all know which store at the mall offers the path of least resistance. And that thought led to this –

Victoria’s Secret is hard to resist.
But if you don’t want your wife to be pissed,
Don’t buy her things you would like –
You will be told, “Take a hike.”
Just stick to the stuff on her list.

If it’s not too late!


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