A “Self Help” Limerick

I was at the pharmacy picking up a prescription the other day and I saw a self help book on a display by the prescription pick up counter called They Can’t Drive You Crazy If you Don’t Let Them Have The Keys. I guess the floor planner figured that if you were in need of prescription drugs, you may also be in need of psychological help dealing with things ailing you in your life, health and otherwise. Hey, I was there picking up something that I need due to the aging process. Let’s just say, I gotta go with the Flo – pun intended.

I thought the book had a catchy title, not that I would ever buy it. I drive people crazy; people do not drive me crazy and I assure you every woman I have ever known would attest to it.

I was reading some poems on Poet’s Corner from blogs I follow, and I saw one where it seemed that the author had not only handed over the keys but also got the person who was driving her crazy drunk before she put him behind the wheel. In a response to the poem, I mentioned the book title and, lo and behold, a limerick jumped into my head.

On this subject, I have expertise.
There are people you just can’t please.
I don’t let them faze me.
They can’t drive you crazy….
If you don’t let them have the keys!


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