A Couple of “Thanksgiving & Holiday Season Spread” Limericks

There’s nothing like a big turkey dinner.
This holiday meal’s always a winner.
With several platefuls, then dessert,
We eat ’til we hurt…
And no one ever leaves thinner.

An annual exercise worth repeating,
Where will power takes a beating.
It’s a day dedicated
To stomach’s dilated…
Thanksgiving calls for overeating!

Tis the season of my spreading ass.
Good thing, it soon will pass.
Due to the expanse
I can’t button my pants…
Redefining “critical mass.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – My best to everyone who has visited me at Life Is A Limerick and The Poetry Corner. I appreciate your support. I am thankful that there are people out there that like my silly limericks…amongst many other blessings I have received ( a great wife who knows me better than I know myself and still loves me anyway.)

Keep the faith and never lose your sense of humor. Those two things will always get you through.

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