A “Playing The Lottery” Limerick

Awoke this morning to find that I had eight Mega Millions lottery tickets with the Mega Ball 8 and I play the megaplier which was 3. WOO HOO. I’m thinking that with all those tickets that are going to pay that I am going to cash for a decent chunk of change, maybe enough to pay for our little Thanksgiving getaway to The Woodlands Resort (which is going to be around $600 including TG dinner, golf and spa packages for Friday.) Not the case. Two tickets paid $6 and six tickets paid $3 for a whopping $30 which may pay for the valet parking without tip. Hey, at least I had an elevated heart rate for a few minutes before I checked the rest of the numbers.

The lottery’s mostly for entertainment,
As winning’s not a realistic attainment.
Daydreams are beguiled
Imagination runs wild…
And it’s all you get for the money you spent!

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