A “Happy First Anniversay” To My Wife, The Love Of My Life

Sunday is our first wedding anniversary. Wow, what a year it has been. We started of with a wonderful wedding and a grand honeymoon. For the record, the honeymoon has not and never will end. We are a good match for each other though from the first appearances, we look like a case of “opposites attract.” I am right brain and she is left brain. I am sure that there are many times when she would argue that I am “no brain.”

But “we go to together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.” She is Quick Draw McDraw and I am Baba Looey. She does the “theeenin'” around here. I write limericks and walk the dog. We have made some wise choices about investments which have provided us with increased equity and a strong ROI going towards our retirement goals. We are a good team. I am good at kissing her ass and she has a good ass to kiss. Works out well for everybody.

I’ve given marriage a “third times a charm” try,
And I am one very lucky guy.
I’m as eccentric as can be,
But my beloved wife adores me
Our love is an affirmation of Chai.


One thought on “A “Happy First Anniversay” To My Wife, The Love Of My Life

  1. Joel:

    I really enjoy your postings!

    BYW, after all the pomp and ceremony, Clemson was more than humbled by my alma mater, FSU…Go Noles!

    The buses rolled ceremoniously toward the game,
    Then Tigers touched the rock seeking fame,
    The balloons soared high above each jock
    But It didn’t take long for Clemson to be in shock
    The rest or the night was more of the same!

    Take care,


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