A “Manly Cooking” Limerick

When you don’t have George Clooney’s looks or money, which I don’t, then you need to have a great sense of humor and some other special skills if you want to have a chance with the girls. I can write poetry which can show creativity and character (but violates an important relationship rule – don’t ever put anything in writing) and I am good at back and foot rubs and I can cook. Any other attributes and skills are the type that only get you in trouble if you talk about them. Better to reveal them upon request and have them be a pleasant “bonus,” so to speak.

Cooking goes a long way. If you can make what a girl likes, she just might like you, if you are not an arrogant idiot (which is very important as all women know that you are genetically predisposed to be stupid, which they may choose to overlook after a delicious dinner and a good foot rub, my two “out pitches.”)

When a gal finds a man that can cook
His name goes in her little black book.
A gourmet meal
Has a special appeal
That will get a guy a second look.


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