A “Frank Caliendo” Limerick

I am a big fan of Frank Caliendo. He is a comedian, actor and impressionist. Outstanding celebrity impersonators are few and far between. Frank is in a league with Rich Little. It requires great talent to be able to do impressions. You have to have the ear of a concert musician and the performing skill of a trained accomplished actor, not to mention all the other personality traits that it takes to become a successful comedian – you have to be funny and you have to have determination in the 99.99999th percentile. Comedy is a tough business to make it in.

Frank found his niche in the world of sports. Many of the people he impersonates were very successful coaches and players who left the arena for the broadcast booth. His John Madden and Charles Barkley are classics. He also has an ensemble of impressions that includes former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and actors Robin Williams and William Shatner. Once a celebrity gets past having a comedian poking a little fun at him, he has to know it is an honor and a tribute when Frank adds them to his cast of characters.

Frank is a regular on sports shows. He was the best part of Fox’s NFL Sunday Pre-Game show for nine years. He is now a touring a comedian and a Twitter monster.

Official website of Frank Caliendo: Comedian, Actor, Impressionist

And with that, Frank is a good guy. Last week he said he would follow anyone who added him to their Twitter follow list during a short specific time period. I jumped on it. Hey, I have this blog and if I can get a retweet of a post from Frank, it could bring a lot of attention to Life Is A Limerick. I have already admitted to being a shameless self promoter. I followed Frank and now Frank is following me.

Frank, this is for you:

Impressionist extrordinaire
Frank does the voice, the mannerisms and hair.
With every character he’ll clone,
He has always shown
Comic genius that’s brilliant and rare.


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