A “Dogs And Cats” Limerick

My cat, JJ, has taken it upon himself to start coming with Emily, my mini schnauzer, and me when we take walks. When JJ was still an inside cat, those two would utz each other all day long until J would get bored and then go hide from her. Now they hang out together. I have always been fascinated by animal behavior as I know they have emotions. I think this is pretty cool.

This morning when we were strolling on the path around the lake across from our house, we encountered another dog getting walked. It was an aggressive little Pomeranian. JJ froze when this dog started yapping at him and came towards him. Emily, who is hard wired for protection and is an aggressive critter herself, jumped right in between them. The Pom and Em have had words before and both parties barked at each other until we walked far enough away from each other that JJ no longer felt threatened and came up along side us. There was definitely some form of expression of gratitude from the cat to the dog and a “no problemo, dude; I got your back” back at him. Mother Nature is one interesting gal. And all that led to this:

Relationships between dogs and cats
Are more complex than just cartoon spats.
I’ve seen acts of affection
And fearless loyal protection…
I wish I could listen in on their chats.


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