A “Football Is Back On TV” Limerick

It’s back and I will admit I am happy about it. Football is a great television game. The three major sports, football, basketball and baseball, maximize their fan entertainment in three different venues. Baseball became the national pastime as a radio game. It is said that there is excitement on every pitch, but there can be a lot of time between pitches. The broadcasters have to be artists that paint a picture with their verbal descriptions of both the action and filling the time between the action.

Basketball is a game that is best when seen live. The arenas are much more intimate, the fans are very close to the court and the buildings can get deafeningly loud. The action is the closest to continuous action of the three sports. The size and speed of the athletes is magnified with the proximity to the court.

Football is a television sport. Lots of color starting with the green field and the uniforms and helmet logos. Lots of different camera angles and video technology to show incredible pictures. Enough time between the plays to utilize replays and so many clock stoppages for commercials. How important is football on television to American commerce? Consider this. The week before the Super Bowl is one of the two largest newspaper coupon insert weeks of the year. You have to have a party and eat lots of party food when you have football watching parties.

So, on this opening Saturday of college football, as I plop what’s left of my ass down on the sofa, and hunker down for a day of marathon football watching on TV today (including watching my beloved Clemson Tigers as the final act tonight against Georgia GO TIGERS), it led to this –

For TV, life without football sucks.
It sells lots of food, beer and trucks.
With lots of competition
And ad repetition…
The networks rake in the big bucks!


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