A “Johnny Football” Limerick

One finally popped into my head. I am surprised that it took this long. Being in northwest Houston and only a stone’s throw from College Station, this part of the world is all JF, all the time 24/7. I may have been subconsciously holding back as one of my best buddies (and the source of all pro sport tickets) bleeds maroon. He listens to A&M women’s basketball on the radio – not kidding.

I am not going to philosophize about the NCAA and college football and basketball being professional sports pretending to be amateur sports or the value of a college scholarship. That goes on Ad nauseum in sports journalism(???) My only comment would be that I would like to take game day parking and concession CASH money from any D1 game to Vegas to stake my next trip. If I get a choice, Bama & A&M. That would cover every trip for the rest of my life.

How did the NCAA not see this train wreck rolling down the track? With social media, if Johnny Football passes gas, there’s a YouTube video shot with a cell phone of the ass on his pants expanding and contracting…and it is going viral.

And all this led to this:

The price for abusing fame?
Causing A&M some pseudo shame.
He did all they desired,
They told him all they required
Was he be able to sign his name.


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