Another “Cleveland” Limerick

There are always lots of “do you remember?” discussions going on at the I Know You’re from Cleveland Facebook page. It was an interesting place to grow up. The city has a river running north-south down the middle and a distinct eastside and westside. It has some of the worst weather in the country. Weather along the Great Lakes is brutal with low temperatures, fierce winds and lots of snow. People in Houston think an Alberta Clipper is a boat. Obviously, they never had one blow down they’re back or up they’re skirt.

The only way to combat Mother Nature is with an “if I can survive this, I must be one tough dude or dudette” attitude and lots of awesome comfort food. The discussions on the Facebook page love to deservedly sing the praises of the great food in Cleveland. It is just like Clevelanders – hearty and honest. In Cleveland, restaurant plating is more about the size of the portion on the plate than how pretty the food looks on it. Parsly? We don’t need no stinking parsly. Second helpings, please.

And that thought has led to this:

In Cleveland, it’s a rare sunny day.
The sky’s usually battleship gray.
The weather’s a prolonged cold snap.
So Cleveland get’s a bad rap.
But the foods so good, it could make you stay!


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