A “Matzo Ball Soup – Jewish Penicillin” Limerick

It is phase two of my jaw reconstruction next Thursday. The heavy demolition and rebuilding the foundation was done in March and I have been waiting impatiently for them to get me back for the next step in restoring a toothy smile to my stupid grin, which looks especially stupid with half my lower teeth missing. This should be a most interesting experience as they are going to harvest the building material from my hip as bone is very resilient material and host to host grafting has the highest chances for successful bonding. Of course, just to make sure that it is held firmly in place, they are going to bolt it to the bar they put in there in March.

There is a very good thing going to happen during this surgery. My “braces” are coming off. They have been the worst part. It’s been like having barbed wire in my mouth. I have to carry a toothbrush with me. I am so looking forward to this addition by subtraction.

I am only supposed to be in the hospital overnight for observation and then home the next day. I was told I should be back on solid food within a week. I am on a liquid and very soft food diet when I get home. And I have just the stuff to keep both my strength and spirits up – my homemade matzo ball soup. My soup is held in such high acclaim that I have worked as a contract employee for The Palm here in Houston and made it for them for the High Holy Days in the past. My second wife married me for it…and the blintzes and the apricot noodle kugel and….she found being Jewish very delicious.

And it led to this:

My matzo ball soup is sure to please.
It even has mystical properties.
Your pronunciation
Can have this variation…
You’ll pronounce “W’s” like “V’s.”


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