A “Hot Flash” Limerick

I love my wife very much. She has been so good to me. I have been a bit of a challenge since we got married. It’s been more than the generally accepted “man thing” disorders of selective hearing and selective memory. We have had to deal with my health issue and the ensuing unemployment. Now she will every so often give it to me about my being a drama queen about my jaw and she will on occasion break out in a chorus of the Silhouette’s 1957 hit “Get A Job,” but for the most part she is caring and understanding.

There is a lot of utzing that goes on at our house. We give it to each other pretty good, but never maliciously, mostly playfully. We are well suited in that way. We can both not only dish it out but also take it. We can laugh at ourselves and each other. We have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot.

This is a very good thing because my beloved is going through “the change.” And that is not always a laughing matter. It can be quite the opposite. I have to be careful before I start utzing her. Fortunately, she is not the first wife that I have had that went through this. I am three for three. Of course, it hadn’t started when we met and back then when she said she was “hot” it meant something entirely different than it does now.

Last night I came into our bedroom and told her that I wanted to make love to her. Her response to that was the rhetorical question that wives pose to their husbands more than any other question, “Are you out of your mind?” She followed it with, “Can’t you see that I am naked with only a sheet over me?” My reply was “Looks pretty inviting to me.” To which she came back once again with the same rhetorical question. The hot that accompanies a hot flash is not something that fires up the libido. As she was doing her best imitation of a sailor who dropped something heavy on her foot, I told her that there had to be a hot flash limerick out there and it led to this:

The gender specific curse “the change.”
Expands a female’s emotional range.
The violent backlash
From a woman’s hot flash
Is a lot more than just “acting strange.”


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