Another “Weight Loss Advice” Limerick

I am working on a script for Friday night and due to the nature of the competition having a theme and also having to be PG (which I like and I think is to my advantage), I am going to use as many limericks as I can. I think they could really work well on a weight loss support DVD as they can make a more lasting impression than a joke and they can have a support message.

I have won many radio contests with limericks – some really good prizes too. When the contest asked “why” and had a limited number of words, especially 25 words or less, a limerick is awesome. So why not go with something that I know works?

Here’s one I wrote last night. I had to jump out of bed and write it down before it escaped into the alte cocker void. I wrote the last line today as the first two lines rhyme words were challenging.

The way food appeals to our senses,
It makes us put down our defenses
Great smells and tastes
Can go straight to our waists
So our goals can’t be pretenses.


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