A “Mazel Tov Phil Mickleson” Limerick

Phil Mickleson put on a dazzling display of clutch golf to win the British Open yesterday and his fifth major championship. It was an immensely popular victory for Phil who has always been a fan favorite despite being controversial. Phil is opinionated and articulate. Tiger scowls. Phil grins. He is a known gambler both on and off the course, and not only with the risky shots he takes. Phil will put his money where his mouth is. And where his heart is.

He is beloved in his home town, San Diego where he and his wife Amy are involved with many charities including those that support our military. I have a friend who owns a pizza parlor in Encinitas, not far from Phil’s home in Rancho Santa Fe. Phil is a regular. He picks up his pizzas, shows up in shorts, t-shirts and sneakers, is always friendly and tips generously.

Phil is a family man. He did not leave for this years U.S. Open until after his daughter’s graduation ceremony from middle school. He flew all night, albeit in his private jet, to make his tee time Thursday morning.

He had his sixth heartbreaking second place finish in this years U.S. Open. He rebounded from that loss to win The British Open. He is one of the game’s all time greats and the greatest Lefty of all time.

I am a big fan of Phil’s. I would love to meet him.

And that led to this:

The R & A’s new royalty was crowned.
Phil Mickleson played his greatest round.
He found his best game,
Increased his legend and fame,
And he did it on hallowed ground.



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