A Few More “Golf” Limericks

I have been getting some hits from across the pond on my golf limericks. My guess is that with The British Open being played, golf has been a popular subject in that part of the world. The Brits have been on a roll in sports since the last Olympics.

Now, of course, I am going to deliver a bit of satire and bawdiness to the subject. Golf and sex have so many common goals and so many references with a double entendre that I have to go there. I have an obligation as a limerick writer. And it led to these.

The Majors fill golf fans with glee.
The drama is something to see.
But golf widows concur
A sure insomnia cure
Is watching golf on TV.

Bedroom golf is a really great game.
The thrill of a good up and down is the same.
Your partner will extol
A stroke that goes in the hole
And shower you with wild acclaim.

After which you will need to take a shower.


One thought on “A Few More “Golf” Limericks

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