A “Gas Passing PSA” Limerick

We get bombed with PSAs (Public Service Announcements.) Companies use them as a supplement to advertising as they are a very cost effective way (free) to get an audio name impression out there. The message has to be legitimate. They are about health and safety issues, usually ones that the company providing the message has some liability attached to it so it serves a double purpose for the provider. The American Way. Get your name heard and attempt to mitigate liability for free on the Federal Governments dime – now that is tax dollars at work!

I think that the public in general tunes these things out. We change the channel. I do. But I heard one not too long ago that captured my attention and my goofball imagination. It was from CenterPoint Energy, the gas company in Houston, Texas. It was a very simple message – SMELL GAS, LEAVE FAST. My first thought was that the gas company was making a fart joke or at the very least they were giving me a chance to make one. Obviously, a gas leak is a very dangerous situation and I would not make light of that. That said, on to the fart joke. Hey, Shakespeare loved them.

And that PSA led to this:

A PSA from the gas company
Got it’s message across to me.
Smell gas, Leave Fast
Before a devastating blast
That’s a good dating policy!


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