A “Job Hunting When You Are Over 50” Limerick

I decided to change the title as I thought there might be some confusion. It could have been looking for a job that paid over $50K. That was not what this post is about. I am trying to rejoin the ranks of the employed. I have been using Career Builder and Monster to send out many applications. I have had two interviews. I have a very diverse employment background. I have a lot of experience in two areas – industrial management and sales. But that is the problem…I have a lot of experience and I can’t hide it in a resume because dates are part of employment history.

Age discrimination is against the law. It goes on every day. A potential employer will not ask your age, but they know it. They do not have to tell you why you were not selected. If a younger person is hired, they will have many reasons why the person they hired was a better fit for them.

I am not ready to become a WalMart greeter, even though I would probably be good at it. WalMart has eliminated that job. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2012/01/27/walmart-greeters-will-no-longer-greet-at-the-door/ And I do not see myself as a crossing guard but I would probably be good at that too.

I am beginning to think I may be closer to a paying gig publishing a book of limericks or doing stand up comedy. Hey, baby boomers need age appropriate humor they can relate to. The problem with that is I am too old to pay my dues and the clubs are not filled with baby boomers on open mic night so audience response is hard to gauge. I can’t stay up until ten let alone hangout in a club past 11 to do a five minute set for 20 & 30 somethings who have been drinking all night.

I am going to keep plugging away. Someone may want a friendly, good natured person with a lot of experience for something…pizza delivery, dog walking, etc.

Finding a job is especially hard
If you have an A.A.R.P. card.
In this social media age
You can be wise as a sage
But you’re going to be “unofficially” barred.


One thought on “A “Job Hunting When You Are Over 50” Limerick

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