A “Star Trek Comic” Limerick

I am not a Treky, per see. I like the show(s) but I am not a devotee who has seen all the episodes of the television series or all of the movies. I think it is a great science fiction franchise that has been creatively written and visually produced. It’s commercial success and fan following is mind boggling.

One of my friends, who is a true fan, posted this cartoon on his Facebook page. And it led to this:

star trek goes with the flow

From the dawn of time until the 24th century, species have been marking their territories – if it works, go with it…pun intended

Protecting the galaxy,
Requires creativity,
A man in the know,
Kirk would go with the flow….
And chart his course instinctively!


He’d chart his place in space using his pee!

please vote on which last line you like best


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