A “Post Sex Etiquette” Limerick

I have been married a lot more than I have been single. Married sex is much different than single sex. For men, married sex usually consists of cumming and going all in the same motion, however the “going” is straight to sleep in a roll over and start snoring all in one motion maneuver. It is a slam, bam, out cold before you can even say “thank you, m’am” maneuver and have it down cold. I’d like to say that it cums/comes from lots of practice, but I am sure it just cums with the being married territory. And, just for the record, don’t think that married women can’t pull it off. They can and do.

Now being single is another story. There are lots of different things going on there. Are you ever going to see her again? Are you required to spend the night? Seinfeld had an episode devoted to the rules of engagement and it was one of his best shows. I researched the subject during a single period and discovered that there are mixed opinions as to whether or not a man should say “thank you” after a blow job well done. I did and usually offered to go get a gal something to drink. But that’s just me. I try to be a nice guy. I know that there are those men that are looking for an easy out, pun intended. To a single man, cumming and going is something entirely different. It doesn’t involve sleep, it involves a door and how fast he or the woman can out it.

And it led to this:

Some men can be sensitive and sincere.
They’ll try to make things perfectly clear.
Their rule of thumb
Right after they cum….
Is to ask, “What are you still doing here?”


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