A Saturday Morning With The Wife Limerick

Saturday mornings are the best time of the week to me. My wife works a lot of hours, thank God, and this is when we get to spend a little quality time together. I try to spend as much time with her as I can, though I have a way about me that usually leads to her utzing the hell out of me and then telling me to go workout or go to the golf course, which isn’t a bad thing. It is truly a pretty good skill to have.

A little snuggling, having coffee and listening to NPR (her favorite radio shows are on Saturday morning) helps her decompress from a long work week. Throw in a foot rub and her resistance to the powers of persuasion are reduced to a level usually only attained with Humboldt County’s finest which is not an option here. I can talk her into just about anything, except, of course, sex. That has to be her idea and I am always open to it. That’s what a good husband does.

Saturday mornings are great. I have to get my ass in gear as she has a full agenda planned for today and it does not include me screwing around writing limericks. But I did get this one together.

As kissing her ass is my specialty,
Saturday morning’s always fill me with glee.
For me, a happy life
Is spending time with my wife
And having her make fun of me!


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