A LeBron James Limerick

I am playing with my new toy, Twitter. I am a big fan of Mike and Mike In The Morning. Mike Greenberg is a nice Jewish boy from Long Island. I can relate to him. Mike Golic is from Cleveland; he went to St. Joe’s and I have a buddy who went to school with him and has told me the Golic brother’s were the funniest and most down to earth guys in the school as well as some of the best athletes. And he is an Indians fan. It would be impossible for me not to like him. So I have started my Twitter experience by following them. Sending them limericks is very challenging as a tweet is limited to 140 characters. I have been able to do it.

A hot topic on Wednesday on the show was Greeny putting out there whether or not LeBron should wear his headband as he went off when he took it off Tuesday night. I sent him this:

Everything’s been said
Time to put it to bed
With Nike to thank
It’s money in the bank
LeBron’s headband will be on his head

When I lived in Cleveland, my favorite sports team was the Cavaliers. I had season tickets for over twenty five years. My daughter lived and died with them and she is still a big fan. She was heart broken when LeBron went to Miami and I became a “hater” for that reason alone. But as an NBA basketball fan, I have to acknowledge and respect LeBron’s talent. He is the most physically gifted player I have ever seen. Which is not to be mistaken with the most talented i.e. the best player – that will always be Michael Jordan who broke my heart time after time and in spectacular fashion. But LeBron is in the conversation and deserves his due. If he gets a few more rings he will be in Kobe and Shaq territory.

His physical ability has been something to see.
And despite his career marred by controversy,
In the championship game,
He’s come up Hall of Fame
And that should be LeBron’s legacy!

The M & M tweet version is

Incredible ability
The Decision controversy
Championship game
Came up Hall of Fame
It should be LeBron’s legacy


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