A Couple of Social Media and Shameless Self Promotion Limericks

I am having a blast with this limerick blog. I am getting new visitors every day and increased views every day. I have been posting links to new posts on Facebook and sometimes on LinkedIn if the material is not “inappropriate” as that is a professional networking website. Now I am ready to make the leap to Twitter. It seems like everyone tweets and there is a big audience out there I want to share my five lines of insight, wit and rhyme with. Nobody has ever accused me of being shy about shameless self promotion. I love doing it even when what I am doing doesn’t merit it. But you have to keep your skills sharp, so I do it every chance I get. And it led to these:

To get my limerick blog to fly,
I must be a social media guy.
I have to see what’s the commotion.
For more shameless self promotion,
It’s time to give Tweeting a try

If the world’s going to hear my story,
Twitter goes with the territory.
There are skills I must hone;
And I’m lame with a smart phone….
But as they say, no guts no glory!


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