A Fool With A Drool Limerick

It has been almost three months since I had my jaw bone replaced and, for the most part, I have adjusted to my toothless grin and mouth full of metal and wires. I am going to look inbred and I am going to scare little kids for about another eight months before I have my new fake choppers. It gives plenty of time to plan and execute a bank robbery, which is what it is going to take to pay for all this if the insurance decides to decline the implants.

Besides the weight loss, which has been a good thing, there has been another physical consequence of the surgery. I lost the nerve that controls feeling in the left side of my lower lip and the area of my chin directly under it. Subsequently, I can’t feel when I am dripping from that area which is prone to happen as I have no teeth there. Not pretty and requiring constant wiping. And it led to this:

I like a glib self deprecating rib,
And with them, I never fib.
With my nerve damaged lip
I have to deal with a drip
And now I’m needing to wear a bib!


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