A “Pull My Finger” Limerick

The fart joke has been around as long as the fart. Shakespeare made fart jokes.


With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, it brings to mind one of the time honored traditions of fatherhood – the “pull my finger” routine. Every kid loves it. Every mother hates it. I used to tell my daughter that before a father could take his newborn baby home from the hospital, he would have to sign a notarized legal affidavit that he would teach the child the “pull my finger” routine as soon as they thought the kid would laugh at it. I used to embellish it by crying out after she pulled my finger and I released a well timed blast, “Oh crap, you pulled too hard!!!” and then I would run to the bathroom. Bathroom humor – a comedy staple.

I am known as a doggerel slinger
Who’s always trying to come up with a zinger.
When I’m not clever or smart,
I turn to the fart…
And the punchline, “PULL MY FINGER!”


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