A “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Cums? I Don’t Think So” Limerick

Ah, Monday. The weekend is behind us and now it is focusing on the new week and tasks at hand, which in my case is writing new limericks. I have been married for almost a year now to wife number three. And I can say with no reservation that three has been a charm. We are doing great. We are great friends, great business partners, and when the moon and stars are properly aligned, great lovers. Oh there is no shortage of physical affection if you count my rubbing her feet on demand as physical affection. Not that I am complaining. I couldn’t be happier. But…it did lead to these limericks:

Her nymphomania was nothing you would eschew.
You loved that she loved to screw.
But be assured
Her nymphomania will be cured
The moment that you say, “I do.”

You think with marriage, there will come a new trick.
Didn’t she take a vow she would lick?
Now that she’s M-R-S,
It’s a good guess…
She’s more concerned about her nails than your dick!


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