A “Do You Like Pie?” Limerick

I met my second wife on Match.com. Yes, it can work. Since I do better with the written word than the spoken word, computer dating gave me an opportunity to make a good first impression, before I had to start talking and reveal my true goofy self. I used this little four liner which worked well for me. It let me know right away if a woman was cool, had a sense of humor and adventure, and there was a chance we might connect or if there was none of that.

When trying to make a good first impression,
You have to find the right things to say.
I hope this captures your imagination –
I excel at verbs ending in “k”.

like work, think, cook, walk, talk and a few others….

It captured Mimi’s imagination and when we had our first face to face meeting, we connected. In every way. After a few hours of talking about ourselves, we took a walk around the plaza where the PF Changs was located and did a little window shopping and more talking, of course. Finally, I told her that I had just baked an apple pie and asked her if she wanted to come over for a piece. Her response, “Oh yeah!” She came over and we were together from that night until the day she died.

“Who want’s pie?” became our favorite phrase. Let’s just say we were both pie lovers in every sense. It made for a wonderful, romantic, delicious time together.

So with that, I offer you this little limerick.

When a pretty face catches your eye,
That’s not the time to be shy.
If you want to spark up a fire
You need to inquire….
“Do you like sex?” and “Do you like pie?”


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