A Disclaimer Limerick

One of the after effects of my jaw surgery has been the complete loss of feeling on the left side of my lower lip and in my chin directly below it, resulting in my being unable to kiss. And considering that I am still a newly wed, this has been a problem for me. I used to consider myself a good kisser. Kissing is a great communication device as it is non-verbal (when I start talking, I usually say something to screw up the moment) and if done right, as the punch line goes, it can lead to “dancing.” There is no sweeter sound than “the two kiss sigh.” I hear that sigh and it is showtime. So without having my “out pitch” I have literally been put on the disabled list and it is making me crazy.

I’m in a racy limerick groove.
I hope y’all don’t disapprove.
This must sound corny –
It’s gotta be ’cause I’m horny…
This kissing thing has to improve!


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