Marital Advice – Dance In The Kitchen

I do my best work in two rooms in the house – the kitchen and the bedroom. And good work in the former can always lead to better work in the latter. Being able to work together in the kitchen is a skill. It takes teamwork, cooperation, trust, and creative collaboration. Those things also work well in the bedroom. When done right it will always lead to a good time and mucho fun.

A “cooking party” starts with some form of alchohol to loosen things up – a little wine, a few Tequila shots with beer chasers (when you are trying to speed things up) – and some music…which will lead to dancing. Dancing in the kitchen is a great thing.

Here’s a tip for marital bliss.
It’s a recipe that can’t miss:
Don’t be bitchin’,
And dance in the kitchen…
You just might get more than a kiss!


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